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Navajo Indian Genuine Kingman Turquoise Sterling Silver Ladies Watch Bracelet by artist Verna
List Price: $599.99
Original Price: $599.99
Sale Price: $333.00
SKU: 0012-15361-WT
Your Savings: $266.99
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Product Description

Navajo Indian Genuine Kingman Turquoise Sterling Silver Ladies Watch Bracelet by artist Verna. This Navajo Indian Jewelry Kingman Turquoise Silver Ladies Watch Bracelet is a stylish way to check the time. This sensational watch bracelet features cuff that was hand made out of shimmering Sterling Silver for the look of elegance. This watch bracelet also features gorgeous cabochons of genuine Kingman Turquoise. These Turquoise stones offer this watch their beautiful blue hues that are highly fashionable now. Turquoise jewelry is hot this season. Turquoise and Sterling Silver, youy can't go wrong with that. Sterling Silver decorations adorn the watch. A complimentary watch face has been added for your convenience. Hand cut Sterling Silver fans finely bookend the watch face. This Turquoise Watch Bracelet is 1" wide. It'll fit a 6" to a 7" wrist. Stamped Sterling. Signed by the Navajo Indian jewelry artist Verna with our hallmark. Turquoise stones and complimentary watch faces may slightly vary. The photo is an excellent representation of the one of a kind hand made watch you'll receive. Turquoise has been used for personal adornment in many countries all over the world. Among those who have worn it are the Persians, Tibetans, Greeks, Romans, Aztecs, Incas and of course the Native Americans of our own Southwest, who have been mining and wearing it since the time of Christ. Turquoise has decorated the thrones of Kings, been inlaid in the crowns of royalty and appeared in the crown jewels of many countries. During the 15th century the Queen of France gave a gold ring set with Turquoise to King James IV of Scotland as a pledge of friendship. When Queen Elizabeth of England was married, her gift from the President of Mexico was an exact replica of a prehistoric Nahuate (Aztec) brooch of gold inlaid with Turquoise

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